Info of the Artist

Falkonection el Amansador Ausgeschnitten MINIFalkonection el Amansador - feel the music, feel the spirit


Falkonection was born in Granada, Spain, in 1984 and grew up in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in a self-catering farm. His childhood and youth was inspired by sounds of Spanish percussion and the vibrancy of flamenco music.


Musically his style is oriented to reggae dancehall and hip hop.  Falkonections trademark is his distinctive voice with an enormous recognition value. His life in Spain and Germany is characterized by both positive aspects and socially critical elements in his texts.


At the end of the 90s, with barely 14, he rapped his first lyrics as part of the Hip Hop Crew "NBC". In 2005, he founded "Los Rockeros" the label of the artist. Shortly after the label was founded, the artist suffered from depression and anxiety disorders. In 2006, he wrote his first reggae song "Alegria" at the "Roots n' Routes" project, performing the Falkonection at the Summerjam on the Fühlinger See, which changed his life.


"Music and shared success can make us a better person and a healthier world out of us, I have experienced it on my own body and I would also like to share that" - Falkonection has always been convinced of this. That is why, for many years now, he has been working with his music on a voluntary and impartial basis for clubs and projects. He is responsible for the radio and also reports on the internet TV format "Los Rockeros TV". In addition to improved youth culture and the regulation of cannabis, he is concerned above all with major and important topics such as autonomous political education, identity development and a general rethinking of people's minds. Promotion of art / music.


The aim of his music is to combine critical and at the same time meaningful content with reggae dancehall and rap. Projects with people to create a piece closer to the vision of unity. Falkonection loves the live performance. "A concert is an experience for me, not just a commercial one, let's get together and get the passion of life together"


An entertainer in his most natural way of letting the beast out!